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Mt Airy, Maryland


born: Sep 12, 2009 : 6 boys, 2 girls : Litter Announcement, Pictures & Movies : puppy news blog


boneBlackwood's Lockout of Mt Airybone
Pat Hartnett, Blackwood Shiloh Shepherds


born: Nov 29-30, 2008 | Litter Announcement & Pictures | Puppy News

boneMt Airy's Tourmalinebone
lives here with us

boneKindredSpirit Tikaani v MtAiry aka Tikannibone
Monica & John Popaduke, Kindred Spirit Shilohs

bone Mt Airy's Luna bone

boneMtAiry KingCharles vLothlorien aka Charliebone

boneMtAiry Sir v Strom vLothlorien aka Strombone

boneMt Airy’s Crash of Thunderbone
lives here with us

born: February 3, 2005| Litter Announcement | Puppy Pictures

bCH Kai-Lyn's Carter of Mt Airy, HCT, TT aka Carter
29" 115lb | brown sable plush |Hips OVC Normal | Elbows OVC Normal
Eyes CERF | OFA Cardiac Normal | OFA Thyroid Normal
Virginia Storey, Shilohs of Kai-Lyn

rbCH Catoctin's Peaceable Luke, CGC, TDI aka Luke
black/tan smooth | height: 29" | weight: 123lbs
DNA: TSS90 | hips: OFA Fair SLH-332F25M-NOPI
elbows: OFA Normal SLHEL141M25
eyes: CERF Normal SHS-161/2007-27
heart: OFA Normal SLH-CA207/26M/C-PI
thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH109/30M-PI
Becky Althoff, Catoctin Shilohs

brCH Blackwood's Keyway of Catoctin, CGC, TT aka Keys
brown sable plush | Height: 28 inches | Weight 104 lbs
Hips: PennHIP: L-.37, R-.37 | Elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL142F25-PI
Heart: OFA Normal | Thyroid: OFA Normal
Pat Hartnett, Blackwood Shiloh Shepherds

NS brCH Mt Airy's Francesca De La Tierra aka Frances
black/silver smooth | hips: OFA Good #SLH-330G26F-PI
elbows: OFA Normal #SLH-EL140F26-PI
heart: OFA Normal Cardiologist #SLH-CA161/14F/C-NOPI
thyroid: OFA Normal #SLH-TH86/15F-NOPI
eyes: CERF #SHS-13N/2006-14 | TLI Normal 7.9 | Brucellosis negative
Francis lives here with us.

bCHptd Mt Airy's Diesel
black/tan plush | Hips: OFA Good SLH-341G26M-PI
Elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL150M26-PI
Heart: OFA Normal -Cardiologist SLH-CA166/12M/C-PI
OFA Thyroid: Normal SLH-TH88/16M-PI
Eyes: OFA CERF 06 SHS-137

Mt Airy's Kyra
gray sable | Hips: OFA Good SLH-334G26F-PI

Rex Rojas of Mt Airy Shilohs
black/silver | Hips: OFA Fair SLH-368F29M-NOPI
Elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL173M36-NOPI

Mt Airy's Rosie

born: January 9, 2004 | Litter Announcement | Puppy Pictures

CHptd Mt Airy's Flying Frijola aka Fiona
OFA Hips Good | OFA Elbows Normal

Princess Morning Star-Mt Airy aka Misty
OFA Hips Excellent | OFA Thyroid Normal | OFA Elbows Normal

Mt Airy's Polar Knight
OFA Hips Good | OFA Thyroid Normal | OFA Elbows Normal

Mt Airy's Precious Schatzie
OFA Hips Mild | OFA Elbows Normal

Buffalo Bill of Mt Airy
OFA Hips Mild | OFA Elbows Normal

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